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A Moss Wheelbarrow is all about helping you tackle the tough stuff with a bit more ease and a lot more confidence.


Australian made and owned

Australian Made

All our wheelbarrows are proudly made in Sydney, Australia. By choosing our products, you’re not just investing in superior quality and reliability; you’re also supporting Australian jobs and sustaining local manufacturing. Take pride in knowing that your purchase helps keep our community strong and vibrant.

moss barrows in use

Superior Stability

With a carrying capacity of 110 litres (4 ft³) when wet or 160 litres (6 ft³) when dry, Its deep base low centre of gravity to ensure your load is stable, even under the most intense loads.

superior heavy duty steel

Superior Steel

Our heavy gauge tray, constructed from robust 1.2mm Australian steel and available in a powder-coated or hot-dipped galvanised finish, clearly outperforms the competition’s thinner 1mm trays in both strength and longevity.

leek proof wheelbarrow

Superior Construction

Our trays set the industry benchmark with 190 precision-engineered spot welds, guaranteeing unmatched leak-proof performance and unparalleled reliability. They dramatically outperform competitor models, which often use as few as 68 welds, compromising both durability and strength.

Unrivaled leg strength

Unrivalled Leg Strength

All our wheelbarrows feature solid steel legs measuring 32mm x 8mm, equipped with 8mm skid wear pads for enhanced durability and stability. Competing models often use thinner 40 x 5mm legs or tubular designs that are prone to bending and rusting, compromising their lifespan and reliability.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Base Plate

Tray Reinforcement

Our wheelbarrow trays are fortified with a 1.6mm galvanized solid steel reinforcing base plate, significantly enhancing durability and extending lifespan. Many competitors rely on inferior options like a mere 5mm timber ply reinforcing plate, or no reinforcement at all, which does not provide the same level of strength or longevity.

reinforced rolled edge

Top Edge Reinforcement

This wheelbarrow sets itself apart with an 8mm solid steel reinforcing wire expertly integrated around the top of the tray. This advanced reinforcement is engineered to deliver superior strength and longevity, offering an additional layer of robustness that competitors’ models, which often just roll the edge do not have.

Heavy Duty Tyres

Advanced Wheel Design

Featuring 4-ply block pattern pneumatic Kenda tires, heavy-duty tubes, and thick pressed steel rims, Moss wheelbarrow wheels are engineered for superior durability. Enhanced with a 1-inch axle and deep groove ball bearings made to MOSS specifications, they stand out from competitors who often use inferior Chinese components. such as thin gauge metal rims, and low-grade Chinese ball bearings, tires and tubes.

Hardwood Timber Barrow Handles

Quality Crafted Handles

Experience the perfect blend of durability and comfort with our hardwood timber handles, beautifully coated in enamel paint for a superior, ergonomic grip. Unlike competitors who offer pine or rough, unpainted handles, our polished finish ensures a smooth touch and enduring quality


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Our heavy duty Aussie Barrows are built to power through the grittiest tasks. They’re the top choice for the nation’s bricklayers, concreters builders, and landscapers, celebrated for its rock-solid reliability and unbeatable strength.

Each wheelbarrow is carefully inspected and tested to ensure it meets Moss Wheelbarrows’ stringent quality standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability for all your construction and landscaping tasks.

Builder Wheelbarrow in Action

Moss Wheelbarrows have been manufacturing quality Australian wheelbarrows in Sydney since the mid-1950s. Our heavy duty wheelbarrows are still manufactured to the original and consistent high quality that Moss is renowned for, and that serious tradespeople demand.

If it's not a Moss, it's just not good enough!